Michael Kirste Photography



Michael Kirste Fotografie - Michael Kirste Michael is an outdoor photographer based in Cologne, Germany. His passion for photography started in his childhood when he got his first analog camera. Since then he has traveled to countless countries and survived all types of climate to discover the most amazing and spectacular landscapes. For photographing he uses Canon DSLR cameras with lenses from 16 to 200mm and different types of filters. Michael’s photography style is unmistakable. His wilderness landscape photography reflects the beauty of our planet in vibrant colors, magic light and dramatic compositions.

Artist Statement

My desire to photograph the world's most spectacular landscapes results from a lifelong drive to explore the world through travel and adventure. Landscape photography is a creative challenge for me and a way to reflect my personal emotions and feelings about our world. It enables me to express my artistic vision by painting with light. With my photos I would like to capture the beauty and uniqueness of nature and share it with my audience. The photos shown on this page illustrate how I have experienced and interpreted the scenes. I hope you can feel my enthusiasm for nature by viewing the photos.

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