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Mt. St. Helens Twilight
Startrails über einer Alcove im Coyote Gulch
Kofa Twilight
Arch under the stars
Arch under the stars
Mt. Jefferson
Mount Rainier
Full Moon over Yosemite Valley
False Kiva Milky Way
False Kiva Milkyway
Milkyway over Tatoosh  Range
Milkyway over Mt. St. Helens
Jefferson Reflection
Jefferson Milkyway
Balanced Rock Milkyway
Bryce Canyon Milkyway
Dixie National Forest Milkyway
2014 06 04 Usa Southwest Travel 0064 Kopie
Milky Way over Owl Creek Pass
Arch under the stars
Sterne über dem Balanced Rock
2018 Usa Southwest 2528 Kopie
Delicate Arch
Double Arch under Stars